German Exchange Students Meet German Club

November 3, 2003

German exchange students had the opportunity to meet members of the German Club on Oct. 16. They met over pizza as they talked about their experiences in Germany and America.

Patrick Hagan, the advisor to the German Club, said that this was a way to bring together both the students studying German and the German exchange students. The night started with the German exchange students, who are from Darmtadt, Germany, talking about their experience in America, and their lives is Germany.

Jens Linder, one of the German exchange students, said it took a little time getting used to classes here in America. "The class structure is different. There is more homework here. In Germany, your grade is based solely on one final test at the end of the year." Linder also added that he likes the people here, saying that they are nice, helpful, and open-minded.

After the German exchange students finished talking about themselves, the members of the German Club then took turns introducing themselves and talking about why they choose to study German. Their reasons varied from wanting to get jobs in German based companies, to being able to speak the language with family members and friends.

Some members of the German Club are also planning on studying abroad in Darmtadt next semester. Hagan said that this was a good opportunity for these students to make friends that they will also have when they go to Germany.

The two groups agreed that the get-together was a lot of fun, and that they will meet again before the semester is over.


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