Gast adds to the program in the College of EMS

October 14, 2003

PLATTEVILLE - The College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science (EMS) has brought a new face to their department with the addition of Jim Gast, assistant professor in computer science and software engineering.

Gast arrived at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville this fall shortly after completing his Ph.D. at UW-Madison. Prior to returning to school to earn his Ph.D., Gast served as vice president of a startup company that made backup and archiving products for Novell networks.

Before arriving at UWP, Gast also sat on a committee that designed the optical disk file format used with DVD's, served as secretary for the committee that designed the current tape formats, was on the architecture board of the Open Group when UNIX 95 was standardized and volunteered as the chairman of the professionalism and ethics committee of the Network Professionals Association.

"Over the course of the years, I have had the luxury and the pleasure of working with lots of smart, hard-working people," Gast said.

Gast says, as a professor at UWP, he would like to see students become more involved in making southwest Wisconsin a thriving economy. By having students participate in projects that help small businesses in nearby counties, UWP can show their appreciation towards the community.

Along with filling his role as assistant professor, Gast will also be responsible for student advising once enrollment for spring classes begins along with helping to advise the Student Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) chapter for those individuals interested in programming and computer science.

In his spare time, Gast enjoys playing lots of different kinds of card games, board games and computer games. In the past, he also spent a lot of time working on video editing.

Gast choose UWP because he liked the class sizes, wanted to teach undergrads and preferred to stay in Wisconsin.

"I was born and raised in Wisconsin and I like the spirit and attitude here," Gast said. "The students are hardworking and energetic. Both the computer science curriculum and the software engineering programs are impressive. The industry needs people just like the ones that graduate from UWP."


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