Friday Features - June 27, 2014

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Friday Features - June 27, 2014
June 27, 2014

Formula SAE team finds success at national competition

The Society of Automotive Engineers Formula Team at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville placed 25th out of 80 teams at a recent national competition in Lincoln, Neb., despite the tornado that struck campus on June 16, the day before they departed for the competition.

The Formula SAE competition is an international competition that allows teams to design, build and test a formula style racecar. The cars are judged in the categories of design, cost and business presentation, as well as compete in acceleration, skidpad, autocross, endurance and efficiency events.

Several team members were working on their formula car in Engineering Hall at the time that the tornado struck campus. While the car was undamaged, the tow truck they rented to transport the car to the competition was destroyed. Scheduled to leave the following morning, they quickly sought out another vehicle. Digman Construction Company in Platteville loaned them a truck.

The team’s 25th-place ranking is the best ranking the UW-Platteville team has ever accomplished at the competition, and is 13 positions better than the previous year’s ranking.

For more information about the Formula SAE team, visit the website

To read more about the team members’ experience during the tornado, read an article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  

UW-Platteville Concrete Canoe Team competes nationally

Members of the Concrete Canoe Team at UW-Platteville competed in the 2014 American Society of Civil Engineers National Concrete Canoe Competition, held June 19-21 in Johnstown, Penn.

The team placed 16th overall in the competition, and ranked ninth in the women’s slalom endurance race. The full list of standings in each event can be found online

The competition allows students to put to test a canoe designed by the students and built out of concrete. Points are awarded in categories of design, oral presentation and racing.

The UW-Platteville team qualified for the national competition by placing first overall in the Midwest Concrete Canoe regional competition in April. 


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