Friday Features - Jan. 31, 2014

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Friday Features
January 31, 2014

Friday Features is a weekly announcement highlighting achievements of UW-Platteville's students, faculty and staff. To include your information in this release, send accomplishments to

Student News

Student-athletes give to United Way

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Pioneer Student-Athlete Advisory Committee raised $240 this year for the United Way of Platteville. This is the committee’s 14th year participating in the event.  Members of the committee presented a check to Nancy Hammermeister, United Way of Platteville board member, during Wednesday’s men’s basketball game.

Each student-athlete was asked to donate one dollar. Some donated more. Representatives from each team on the committee went to their teammates, asking for the $1 contribution. Pictured from left: Lauren Parkinson, cheer and stunt team; Nancy Hammermeister, United Way of Platteville; Brian Johnson, football; Lynea Axelson, track and field; Mary-Katherine Kladar, track and field; and Sarah Kolb, volleyball.

Submissions wanted for new online magazine

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Imaging Media Group is a professional organization of students interested in graphic design, art, publishing, literature, photography, business, advertising, marketing, public relations and multimedia. IMG designs and publishes an annual, submission-based, creative magazine representing talent from across the UW-Platteville campus submitted by students, faculty and staff. 

This year, the IMG magazine will be moving its publication from the traditional print magazine to an interactive E-magazine. “This will allow us to include work such as audio, video, animations and other digital work,” said senior Jessica Kloster, vice president of IMG from Winnebago, Ill.

All submissions for this year’s IMG magazine are due April 1. IMG will also be holding a cover contest this year for those who are interested. Covers are also due on April 1. Submit all work and covers to All creative work can be submitted for publication to the IMG magazine. Some examples of creative work include: photography, literature, audio, video, graphic design, sculpture, pottery, games, animations, fine art, music and any other creative endeavor. When submitting work to, please use JPEG, PDF, MP3, .mov, .doc, .html and .fla. Questions about submissions, file size and types, restrictions, and details can be directed to Megan Schmidt, president of IMG, at

Dance marathon to drum up donations

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville National Residence Hall Honorary will be hosting its first ever dance marathon on Feb. 8. The event will be held in Velzy Commons in Ullsvik Hall from 6 p.m. until midnight to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network. Each participant will receive a dance marathon T-shirt with his or her $50 pledge. The pledges are due by Friday, Feb. 7. Participants are not required to dance.

Since this is the inaugural event, attendance will be limited to UW-Platteville students, faculty and staff as well as Platteville High School students, faculty and staff. For additional information, check out the dance marathon Facebook page. Children's Miracle Network Hospitals is an international non-profit organization that raises funds for children's hospitals, medical research and community awareness of children's health issues.

Faculty/Staff News

CEYA archives located in Karrmann Library

The Center of Education for the Young Adolescent Archive Project is now located in Karrmann Library. CEYA was a state-recognized center of excellence to promote the middle-level education process as the country converted from the junior high concept to middle level institutions. UW-Platteville, at the forefront of that movement, houses 25 years of DVDs dealing with major addresses and workshops.

Dr. Tom LoGuidice, faculty emeritus in the School of Education, had the vision to make this collection available to a broader range of viewers and to preserve it for the future. This archived collection is not only for those in education but for anyone wishing to learn about this important movement.


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