Foundation awards nearly $400,000 in scholarships

October 8, 2003

PLATTEVILLE - As the economy struggles and college students see increased tuition costs at institutions statewide, scholarships are more important than ever for many students. The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Foundation awarded nearly $400,000 in scholarships for the 2003-04 school year.

A wide array of scholarships is available each year to both continuing students and incoming freshman students. Some scholarships are college or program specific, while other general university scholarships are open to any student.

Most of the funds for scholarships come from endowments set up to help students pay for their education. Many of these endowments come from alumni.

"They had such a good time here and want to give back to help students," UWP Foundation Scholarship Coordinator Kim Govier said.

It is more important than ever to give back to your alma mater. As the economy struggles, the amount of money the UWP Foundation can give out through scholarships is limited. A typical award amount is $500.

"$500 isn't as much of an impact as it used to be," Govier said.

Still, any scholarship, big or small, can be a great help to students struggling to keep up with livings costs in addition to tuition and fees. University scholarship coordinator Sara Davis said about 250 UWP students receive scholarships through the UWP Foundation every year.

The application process will begin for 2004-05 scholarships in November.


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