Erin McGraw to graduate from UWP

December 19, 2002


Erin McGraw a native of Dodgeville, will graduate from UW-Platteville with a degree in reclamation, environment and conservation with a biological emphasis and an environmental science minor this December.

McGraw is president of the Reclamation Club, has participated in Expanding Your Horizons presentations and enjoys quilting, gardening, cooking and hiking.

Originally, McGraw came to UWP to because of the location and at first wanted to become an engineer. For two years, McGraw studied toward an engineering degree before switching to reclamation, environment and conservation.

McGraw hopes to take a few days off for a brief vacation upon graduation. Her future plans are to, upon acceptance of her application, fulfill an Americorp position for one year or seek full-time employment. After a period of on-the-job experience, McGraw hopes to attend graduate school. Her goal is to work in the areas of wetland and prairie restoration.

McGraw grew up on a dairy farm and has three other siblings. Her brother, who is the oldest, is currently attending UWP. She also has sisters Megan and Molly.

"Internships were the most important things that I was involved with while on campus. They didn't always pay well, but the experience that I earned was worth it. The internships looked at all aspects of what I could one day be doing for a career," said McGraw.

Through a combination of work in the classroom, volunteer services and the Reclamation Club McGraw was exposed to a variety of situations and topics that will help her in future endeavors.

"At UWP I wasn't just a number. If I had a question for a professor, they had time to meet with me individually. I got a wonderful education here. The reclamation program is very interdisciplinary. I involved biology, botany, geographic information systems, environmental law and chemistry which gives students good background into real-world situations," said McGraw.


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