EMS students design reclamation proposal

December 5, 2003

From left to right - Aaron Poster and Renee Johnson team up to design a reclamation proposal for Kiel Sand & Gravel Inc.

PLATTEVILLE - Kiel Sand & Gravel Inc., located outside Sheboygan, has called upon two students in the University of Wisconsin-Platteville senior design class for aid in constructing a future proposal for reclamation of the land currently occupied by the gravel company.

Anticipating graduation in December 2003, the two students assigned to the reclamation project are Renee Johnson and Aaron Poster. Johnson, originally from Scandia, Minn., is a senior majoring in environmental engineering and reclamation. Poster, a native of Sun Prairie, is a senior majoring in environmental engineering.

The task for the team is to compile a proposal describing the reclamation options for current gravel pits. The company would like to see the current gravel pits turned into lakes and the land that is unable to be mined used for residential area.

While creating the proposal, the team must also remember to allocate the proper amount of continued gravel mining for the next 10-15 years. This is the amount of time the company anticipates for the continuation of their business, and the completed proposal must include plans for growth estimations.

Despite these challenges, the team has already conducted extensive research regarding the project. These research steps include learning proper regulations, determining slopes and whether additional filling materials will be needed, taking aerial photographs of the proposed site and concluding estimated growth area.

In order to complete the project, the team must determine the existing contours to make accurate predictions for future mining and pull everything together to create a proposal for the future acts of reclamation.

The team commented that their classes at UWP have provided them the basic knowledge to complete tasks involving surveying, following regulations and working with mining and vegetation areas. The team also agreed that the senior design experience has been extremely beneficial in creating a real-world opportunity.

The team has been aided and advised throughout their project by Dr. Mark Meyers, assistant professor in geotechnical engineering, and Dr. Philip Parker, assistant professor in environmental engineering.


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