Electronic portfolios on horizon for UWP faculty, students

November 7, 2002

PLATTEVILLE - Technology in the classroom is here to stay, and the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is on the cutting edge with its sustained technology initiatives.

Not only do institutions of higher learning like UWP have more and more computers and Internet access, but also they must provide the necessary steps to facilitate technology standards.

That next step for UWP is the implementation of electronic portfolios, thanks to a $25,000 funding award from the UW System and Vital Issues in Virtual Assembles (VIVA).

Grant writer and principal investigator Tom Lo Guidice, chairman of UWP's School of Education and director of the Technology Education Center is pleased with the new computers and software that will facilitate the portfolios.

This month a group of teachers will be involved in a pilot study, working with consultants and other professionals to get some hands-on experience doing electronic portfolios.

The participants will not only be setting up electronic portfolios but incorporating the project into teaching practice as part of the curriculum.

The VIVA grant complements other technology efforts such as an $18,000 Best Practices in Technology grant, said Lo Guidice.

UWP faculty will be working in teams, using educational development funds from alumni with the new technology equipment, Lo Guidice added.

VIVA helps facilitate the work of schools and colleges of education in Wisconsin in the integration of technology standards and teacher education curricula.

VIVA will further efforts in implementing electronic portfolio processes of articulation, aid with integrating of technology standards in teacher preparation curricula and enhancing opportunities for faculty support and statewide collaboration.

There is a generalized paucity of pedagogical models for the integration of curricula and technology, and VIVA will meet this need, said Lo Guidice.

"We are proud of our technological advances and initiatives," said Lo Guidice. "UWP's School of Education offers and optimizes the use of classroom technology."


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