Election season brings voting machine to UWP

October 22, 2002
2002_10_22.jpg Pat and Jean Malone present the voting machine to Assistant Interm Vice Chancellor for Information Services, John Krogman and UWP professor of history, Peter Dimellgo.

PLATTEVILLE-On the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, there will be no need for a recount of the votes with the introduction of a Florida voting machine.

In an unveiling ceremony on Monday in the Karrmann Library, Pat and Jean Malone, residents of Platteville, presented the University with a voting machine from Florida that was used in the 2000 Bush vs. Gore presidential election.

Jean Malone, an alumnus of UWP, and her husband, Pat, saw an advertisement in the paper during their stay in Florida. The voting machines were for sale to the public. They purchased several for friends as well as one for the University.

"What a great keepsake for the University to have," said Jean Malone, "We thought that it would be something unique for the campus. It cost $35,000 to replace the voting machines in Florida."

Assistant Interm Vice Chancellor for Information Services, John Krogman, along with Peter DiMeglio, a UWP professor of history, received the voting machine on behalf of the University.

"It's nice to have something like this on display going into the election cycle," Krogman said. "This could possibly help increase voting on campus as well."

The voting machine will be on display on the main floor of Karrmann Library through the 2002 election. Students can go and test out the machine for themselves.

"We will archive it after the election and store it here in the library until the spring primary elections," Krogman said.


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