Education Abroad offers new short-term programs

November 30, 2017
Students in Rome

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. – The University of Wisconsin Platteville’s Education Abroad program is offering new and continuing opportunities to explore the world during the 2017-18 school year with its 11 short-term, faculty-led programs. Among the 11 programs, there will be three new ones offered this year; two in Scotland and one in China.

The short-term, faculty-led study abroad courses allow students to earn academic credit while taking a course taught by one or more UW-Platteville faculty members. The locations and focus of the programs change every year to offer variety to students. Programs are offered during winter, spring and summer breaks.

The three new short-term, faculty-led programs will be offered during the summer term:

  • “Scottish Highlands: The Business and Nature of Sustainability” with Dr. Summer Zwanziger Elsinger. According to Zwanziger Elsinger, “This program offers a great opportunity to be exposed to beauty and wonders of the Scottish Highlands. Tourism and nature play a huge role in the region, which will be investigated through organization and cultural site visits. We will work with the University of Inverness and the Highlands (UIH), who have very strong connections in the community.” This two-week course will be offered through a combination of nature areas and historic site visits, guest speakers, business visits and a hands-on case study.
  • “Scotland: Crime, Investigation and Society” with Dr. Staci Strobl and Dr. Valerie Stackman. This study abroad course is primarily intended for criminal justice and forensic science majors and minors who are interested in comparing the United States' system of justice to that of Scotland (which has a separate criminal justice system from the rest of the United Kingdom). “We will be learning about our common history in the English common law and then explore points of divergence between the two contexts, including a focus on how police, courts and corrections operate in Scotland,” Strobl said. The course will consist of trips to prisons, sheriff's courts and police museums, and medieval dungeons and castles, as well as lectures from Scottish criminal justice experts. In addition, there will be three days of forensic science laboratory work. The course will explore evidentiary law, evidence collection and forensic analysis, felony investigations, and philosophies of punishment.
  • “Geography and Culture of Eastern China” with Dr. Dong Isbister and Dr. Todd Stradford. This summer program provides an opportunity for students to gain knowledge and insights that will aid in their professional development as well as learn about cultures very different from those of the West. The Summer Field Trip is built around the examination of the physical and cultural geographies of China. The trip is designed to cover the culture and landscape in the core of Eastern China, beginning in Shanghai. The field seminar provides a unique opportunity for students to conduct field studies and research on a variety of critical issues facing China's environment, culture and economy. 

Additional locations for the 2017-18 faculty-led, study-abroad programs include England, Costa Rica, Germany and the Netherlands. The programs also span a variety of disciplines at the university, including engineering, agriculture, gender studies, education and more.

“These are great programs for students who may be reluctant to study abroad or are looking for a program very specific to their major,” said Alyssa Shaff, education abroad program coordinator at UW-Platteville. “These types of programs also provide the opportunity for faculty and students to collaborate on their work internationally, creating a high-impact practice.”

Shaff also said there are multiple student benefits from engaging in a short-term, faculty-led program; they are accessible, because they are highly affordable, and they can also be considered an introduction to study abroad if students are uncomfortable committing to a full semester abroad. Also, Shaff said that students who are unable to miss out on a full semester – such as athletes, resident assistants, or non-traditional students – typically find these programs a better fit.

Last year, 81 students participated in short-term, faculty-led education abroad programs.

For more information or to apply for one of UW-Platteville Education Abroad’s short-term, faculty-led programs, contact Shaff at 608-342-1726 or email

Written by: Ryan Kotajarvi, Student Writer, Communications, 608-342-1194,


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