Coro Nuovo to perform at UWP Heartland Festival

May 28, 2003

2003_05_28.jpgPLATTEVILLE - A joint venture between the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Coro Nuovo, which is Latin for new choir, will give its first performance at the UWP Heartland Festival at 8 p.m. Thursday, June 5, in the Richard and Helen Brodbeck Concert Hall.

Under the direction of Bob Demaree, director of UWP choral music activities, along with co-directors Jason Troxel and Harry Johansen, the performance will include pieces by Ralph Vaughan William, John Taverner, Gabriel Faure, Franz Schubert and others.

"The evening's debut performance of Coro Nuovo will present literature from a wide range of choral music styles and traditions," Demaree said. "The remainder of the performance will examine how music is a part of each key element of human existence - life, love, death and the afterlife. The great poets and musicians have commented upon these topics throughout the ages, and their words and music are just as relevant today as ever."

Consisting of professional choral musicians with UWP or UW-Whitewater connections, Coro Nuovo was formed to provide professionals with a venue to sing the best literature of the repertoire.

"All of us (members of Coro Nuovo) really missed singing," Demaree said. "Of the 31 performers, 23 are professional music teachers and conducting is what we do mostly. That's why we have multiple conductors for Coro Nuovo. I'll conduct one-third of the concert and then sing for the other two-thirds of the performance."

Coro Nuovo will also provide its members with an opportunity to sing with other musicians of their caliber, performing challenging and complex works.

"One ideal of Coro Nuovo is that the singers are accomplished soloists in their own right, yet they are excited to collaborate in an ensemble setting with other fine musicians," Demaree said. "This is the best chorus I've ever conducted because of its skill level and experience level. This is a serious group of people who really do good work. I hope people will come and enjoy the concert."

Tickets for Coro Nuovo and all other Heartland Festival productions are available from the University Box Office, (608) 342-1298. Information on other performances can be obtained through the Heartland Festival website at


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