Choir and Orchestra Concert

February 25, 2003

PLATTEVILLE- Join UW-Platteville choirs and orchestra in a performance of two of the most popularly performed pieces on Wednesday, March 12, at 7 p.m.

The first half of the performance will focus on music from an opera called "Carman" by Georges Bizet. Vocal solo performances by Rebekah Demaree and Michael Koon and the "Toreador Song" will be highlights of the night as the songs are easily recognized by many.

Featured in the second half of the performance are the first three parts of Joseph Hyden's "The Creation Oratorio". This piece uses text from the book of Genesis, describing the first seven days of creation.

The concert choir, university choir and chamber choir will perform with the orchestra. The UWP Music Department tries to bring the choirs and the orchestra together every spring.

"We are trying to bring two sections of musicians together to perform two famous pieces. These pieces are two of the most often performed pieces in the world," said Bob Demaree, director of choral activities.

Benjamin Shapira will conduct the orchestra, while Bob Demaree will lead the choirs in the collaborative concert.


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