Bromley appointed assistant dean at UWP

May 15, 2003

PLATTEVILLE - Faced with the challenge of maintaining quality education under tight budget constraints, University of Wisconsin-Platteville associate professor and chair of the psychology department Patricia Bromley will step into the position of assistant dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Education (LAE) at UWP on June 1.

As the assistant dean, Bromley's teaching time will be reduced to one class per semester. Her new responsibilities will be to serve as a liaison between the college and various University offices, represent the college in the absence of the dean, consult regularly with departmental chairs, assume a leadership role in student recruitment, advising, orientation and registration activities, along with fulfilling a number of other job duties. As her start date nears, Bromley said she looks forward to the new challenge and already has several goals for the position.

"I'm very interested in staff development and development of departmental chairs - I would like to focus some energy in that area," Bromley said. "One thing that persuaded me to apply was seeing how well the deans work together, especially when it came to this year's budget process. They're a really good team and I expect to learn a lot from them."

Bromley's new position will also afford her more of an opportunity to work with Mittie Nimocks, dean of LAE. The two are currently working on a research project together.

"I understand Mittie's communication style and we have a good working alliance," Bromley said. "So I'm looking forward to working on projects with her, we make a good team."

Although Bromley did not join the faculty at UWP until 1992, she and her husband have been living in Lancaster since 1978. Prior to accepting a lecturer position, she worked as a teacher's aid for the Lancaster School District and for Unified Counseling Services. Bromley received a bachelor's degree in psychology from UW-Madison, a master's degree from UWP in counseling and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, also from UW-Madison. In her free time, she enjoys kayaking, jewelry making and sewing.


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