Banachowski-Fuller wins national advising award

April 8, 2003


PLATTEVILLE - Outstanding faculty advising at UW-Platteville has not gone unnoticed. Cheryl Banachowski-Fuller, associate professor of criminal justice, was recently selected as a 2003 National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Outstanding Advising Award winner in the faculty academic advising category.

Banachowski-Fuller was nominated by Tammy Salmon-Stephens, director of the women in engineering program and engineering advising, and the remaining members of the UWP advising team. The team members include George Smith, professor of communications and computer science; Jolene Wilson, professor of general engineering department; Sharon Pink, student support services counselor; Victor Levy, school of education; and Helen Hadorn, director of advising and career exploration services (ACES).

Every year one advisor from each of the three colleges is recognized with an award. From those three recipients, one is chosen by the UWP advising team to be nominated for the NACADA awards.

This year, Banachowski-Fuller received the advising award for the college of Liberal Arts and Education (LAE) at UWP and was chosen by the advising team to be nominated for the national award. Banachowski-Fuller went on to receive one of the most prestigious awards in NACADA for faculty advising. This award is only granted annually to approximately 6-8 individuals in the entire nation.

Banachowski-Fuller was chosen to receive this award based on numerous skills and attributions to the advising field. She has been advising graduate and undergraduate students for more then 20 years at the university and community college levels and currently advises more then 65 criminal justice undergraduate students. Banachowski-Fuller also fills the positions of program coordinator for the criminal justice distance education program in the College of LAE and is the sole advisor for approximately 125 graduate students involved in the program.

Another aspect of her advising is the uniqueness of her advisees. Banachowski-Fuller not only advises on-campus students, but she also advises a variety of non-traditional students enrolled in online classes. These students often require unique methods of communication via email and intranet to answer all questions and complete the advising process. Banachowski-Fuller's set of advisees range from incoming freshmen to non-traditional students returning to college using online services. This vast array of individuals has a variety of different needs to be fulfilled and questions to be answered.

Along with being an advisor for a wide variety of students, Banachowski-Fuller has also proven to be a strong, supportive advisor who has had countless positive results amongst her advisees.

As Banachowski-Fuller states in her philosophy for academic advising, "The most important factor in determining advisee satisfaction with the advising process is the quality of the advisor/advisee relationship."

The UWP advising team received several letters from Banachowski-Fuller's advisees recommending her nomination for the NACADA awards. These letters contained numerous glowing remarks regarding how extremely accommodating and encouraging Banachowski-Fuller has been as an advisor, supporting her well-deserved award.

The recognition plaque for the award will be presented to Banachowski-Fuller during the special awards presentation and reception at the NACADA conference in Dallas, Oct. 2-5. Salmon-Stephens and Hadorn will be attending the conference to give a presentation and will be accompanying Banachowski-Fuller to the awards presentation and reception.


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