Alumni return utilizing recruitment tool

February 12, 2003

Pete Halbleib , Kim Cunningham, Bill Lawrie

PLATTEVILLE-"We've never been disappointed with an employee from UWP," said Peter Halbleib, a manufacturing engineer-industrial professional and an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. "The students from UWP are ready for hands-on application."

Halbleib was one of three alumni of UW-Platteville representing Sub-Zero Freezer Co., Inc./Wolf Appliance Co., LLC, manufacturer of high-end residential cooking and refrigeration appliances, at the 3rd Annual Spring Employer Fair. The fair held Monday, Feb. 11, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Ullsvik Center, was attended by students representing a variety of majors.

Kim Cunningham, a 2000 UW-Platteville graduate, joined Sub-Zero Freezer Co. as a human resources assistant and broadened the company's search for employees to include the UWP Employer Fair.

Though Sub-Zero specializes in engineering related positions, the representatives made a point that they encourage all degree types and majors to learn what their company has to offer.

"It's good for the student to see learning being applied in a real-world setting and decide if they want to do this for the rest of their lives," said Halbleib.

"From an employer's standpoint, it's a more relaxed atmosphere for the student. Students can get to know what employers are looking for in an open atmosphere, without the tension of being in a full-fledged interview. From there, students have a better idea of whether the position will be a good fit for them and pursue an interview," said Bill Lawrie, a UWP alumnus and senior manufacturing engineer-assembly.

As a May 2000 UWP graduate, Halbleib felt that he was able to connect with the students and, though the number that he actually knew were dwindling, he enjoys talking to students from UWP.

"We plan on attending the career fair in the future. This is one of our main recruiting tools for our co-op positions," said Halbleib. "I don't think we've ever had a situation where we couldn't fill a position. Judging by the stack of resumes we have collected, it has been a pretty successful day."

"There was something similar to an employer fair when I attended UWP, but it was nowhere near as extensive as this," said Lawrie. "When I was looking for positions, I went to the employer, verses them coming to campus."

Cunningham said the fair is beneficial to companies as this opportunity gives them a chance to network with the students. Sub-Zero Freezer Co., Inc./Wolf Appliance Co., LLC had 16 co-op positions available for the semester.

"Employers were pleased with the steady flow of students throughout the day," said Paula Stauffacher, program assistant for University Placement Services.



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