Student Testimonies

Music Classroom at UW-Platteville

What actual students are saying about
the Music program at UW-Platteville

"One of the biggest advantages a music student has at UW-Platteville is the opportunity to be involved in numerous ensembles. Participation and experience in many different musical atmospheres augments your own abilities and education."

-Emma Bernhagen
Instrumental and Choral Music Education

"The professors truly care about the success of your education and that's what makes Platteville a great place to study music. College can be an awkward time, so feeling comfortable with your professors can make the experience more enjoyable!"

-Katie Haberlie
Choral & General Music Education

"The smaller instrumental and vocal studios allow the applied music professors to become well acquainted with each student's specific musical needs, better assist their professional and personal development, and develop a closer student-teacher friendship than you would find at other universities."

-Sean Garde
Saxophone Performance

"At UW-Platteville you're not just another singer or instrumentalist; you’re part of a family. Our professors want the best for each individual student, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to help us grow."

-Amanda Zasada
Vocal Music (non-teaching) & Violin minor

“The knowledge and guidance from the faculty coupled with the experience in great ensembles make UW-Platteville a great place to grow!”

-Megan Whiteman
Flute Performance

"A truly unique feature about UW-Platteville's music department is the one on one time with professors who are willing to meet with you and your individual needs. Accommodation, communication, and affirmation are always a constant in the department which helps us gain the highest education possible."

-Zach Masa-Meyers
Instrumental & General Music Education