New Student FAQ

How can I apply for a scholarship?

Information about scholarships can be found on our New Student Scholarships page.

Is there an audition to get into the music program?

Yes, High school students (incoming freshmen) who plan to major or minor in music, or who plan to participate in musical ensembles (such as choir, band, jazz band, orchestra, or musical theatre) and students who will be transferring to UW-Platteville from another college or university who will major in music or participate in musical ensembles. Information about admission and scholarships can be found on our New Student Scholarships page.

What are the advantages of choosing a music program at a relatively small school like UW-Platteville?

One of the many things UW-Platteville prides itself on is the one-on-one interactions each students receives.  By attending UW-Platteville you will be guaranteed close-knit connections between student and professor. Additionally, the UW-Platteville music department offers so many performing ensemble experiences, large and small that every music student is virtually guaranteed a spot in an ensemble each semester.  In fact, most music students participate in multiple ensembles during the same semester.  This is simply not the case in larger music schools.

Can I be both a choral and instrumental major?

Yes! UW-Platteville is unique in that you can major in choral, instrumental, and general music or a combination of the three.

How can I best prepare myself in high school for majoring in music in college?

The most helpful pre-college preparation for those planning to major in music is to participate in a high school music organization. In addition, it is recommended that the student study privately with a specialist, and take piano lessons if possible. Students should also take advantage of any music theory or history classes. Potential music majors asking this question are highly encouraged to visit our faculty page and reach out to the faculty specializing in their instrument.  All of us here in the music department would be happy to share our thoughts on preparing for a successful experience as a music major/minor.

I would like to take private lessons or play in an ensemble, but I don't own an instrument.  Can I rent an instrument?

Yes, the music department can rent instruments out by the semester.  This can be done in the music office, 180 Doudna Hall.

Do I have to pay an extra fee for private lessons?

No. Lesson fees are built into the course price you pay with tuition. However, you do have an out of pocket cost for an accompanist which varies in prices depending on the person.

What accreditations does UW-Platteville's Music Department have?

The UW-Platteville Music Program is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

What is "masterclass or studio" and how often does that happen?

Masterclass and studio are classes taken in conjunction with your applied instrument and happen in both vocal and instrumental studios.  Studio class happens once a week: Monday at 2 p.m. for instrumentalists and Wednesday at 2 p.m. for vocalists.  All students taking applied lessons are encouraged to participate in these sessions.  Studio class is designed for students to perform for their studio and get get feedback from their peers and instructor.  Masterclass is designed for the student to perform and get critiques from master performers.  We often use our studio class time to present guest lectures and appearances from touring and regional artists.

What is the graduation and job placement rate for music students?

Music students that graduate from UW-Platteville have a very high placement rate.  Most of the time, graduates find job placements within the first six months to a year in their degree program.

What majors are offered?

UW-Platteville offers a variety of majors and minors in music. For more information visit our Academic Programs page.

How many programs (musicals, operas, choral/band concerts) are done each semester and/or school year?

UW-Platteville's ensembles have an average of two concerts a semester with any additional touring, festivals or retreats.  Opera Workshop occurs each fall semester and a campus wide musical production is each spring semester. 

Will I have a chance to travel with my ensemble?

Yes! Most ensembles travel once every school year.

Are there scholarships for returning students?

Yes! Go here for more information on scholarships for returning students.