Friends of the Arts

Center for the Arts

The Friends of the Center for the Arts is an annual membership program created to bring together the supporters of the Performing Arts Series and Heartland Festival to help ensure their future success. Serving over 12,000 people annually with a place to perform, to learn, and to be entertained, the CFA and it's programs help serve the University's mission of being the cultural center for Southwest Wisconsin.

For our Corporate/Business Members - The Friends of the CFA will connect you directly with our audience. Your support will offer you visibility in over 40 performance programs, and depending on the level of support, related advertising and promotions.

For our Individual Members - you have great perks including recognition, ticket savings, inside information and more depending on the level of support.

Please consider a donation. It's tax deductible and your support is vital to these important programs.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Michael J. Breitner
Director of Arts Facilities and Series
Tel: 608.342.5432