Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be matched?

Faculty and staff are matched with students primarily based on the student's stated professional fields of interest.

How often should I contact my student?

In addition to the program events, we expect you to interact face-to-face with your mentee at least once a month.  This can be meeting for a coffee or lunch, attending an event together, meeting in your office for a 20-30 minute meeting or any other activity you and your mentee agree upon.

How long will I serve as a mentor once I am matched?

The mentoring relationship will minimually last until the end of the academic year.  It is our hope that it can last throughout the rest of the student's college career at UW-Platteville, however the program requirement is for the academic year.

What types of activities should I do with my mentee?

Aside from our planned events, this is something that is up to you and your mentee.  It is important that you work together to define your relationship and make plans that are mutually enjoyable.


OMSA Services

OMSA Services for Students

Come visit the OMSA office for any of the following:

  • to meet with an Auxiliary Advisor
  • to become more involved on campus and/or within our office
  • to learn about various scholarship/internship/resume building opportunities
  • to meet other students on campus and join the OMSA community
  • to get assistance in finding out what resources on campus can be most beneficial to you
  • to help get answers to any other random questions you may have!

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