U-Record Studio

Pre-renovation KAR103

The U-Record studio was a project created through an Innovation Program Grant funded by the University of Wisconsin System.  This project was one of the fifteen selected by the UW-System to be funded through this grant.  The UW-Platteville "One Touch Studio" grant was submitted by Colleen Garrity, Regina Nelson, Philip Parker, and AJ Paulus.  The U-Record studio is located in Karrmann 103, located right next to the ITS Help Desk.  

The use of video in higher education has increased dramatically over the past couple of years and is quickly becoming an expectation of all students.  Faculty and staff are looking for ways to engage their students by turning away from traditional lectures to a mix of lectures and short videos that require the student to respond in some way.  The U-Record studio was designed to give students, faculty, and staff an easy and convenient way to produce video content to share with their audiences.  It simplifies the video production workflow to a process that doesn't require any video production experience.  The design of the studio allows you to create high-quality video projects with as few button presses as possible.  By turning an under utilized study room in the library into a technology enhanced recording studio, we are promoting the use of new technologies to innovate on campus.        



60 Day Update

90 Day Update