Forms and Policies

Equipment Purchasing Policies

All campus media equipment and media software purchases, that are to be supported by Media Technology Services, must be approved by the director of Media Technology Services (or the assistant vice chancellor for Information Services).

Purchases falling under this designation include, but are not limited to: cameras, camcorders, projectors (of any type), VCRs, DVD/CD players, sound system components, radio or TV broadcasting equipment, media editing software, and any electronic equipment installed in a high-tech classroom or Distance Education facility.

Departments and units should seek Media Technology Services input prior to the preparation of a Purchase Requisition (PR) in order to ensure: the best price available; suitable vendors adherence to campus standards and compatibility; matching equipment/software to needs; and advance scheduling of installation and testing by Media Technology Services personnel.

Equipment Maintenance Policies

Media Technology Services will install, repair, and perform maintenance on equipment that Media Technology Services recommends, professional or broadcast-grade video equipment, and equipment bought on state contract. Media Technology Services has a limited charge-back system for video equipment maintenance and installation.

Media Technology Services will provide replacement and installation of parts up to $100 per repair or installation. Beyond $100, the requesting department will be billed. Media Technology Services will provide all labor free of charge.

Due to time, budget, or technical reasons, video equipment may have to be serviced by an outside vendor. This will be done at the discretion of Media Technology Services staff in consultation with the department requesting the repair. Any equipment that requires outside servicing will be billed directly to the department.