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Welcome to Morrow Hall

Morrow Hall, named after Homer B. Morrow and built in 1967, provides accommodations for approximately 68 women and 197 men. Morrow Field, a softball diamond, is located nearby. One of the traditions in Morrow Hall is the annual service project: "Morrow Hall Works Week"!

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Happy December everyone!

Many activities and events are on the calendar this month! We want to see everyone being an active Morrow Pioneer by getting involved in the fun!

Hall Involvement Team: HIT meetings are on Thursdays @ 9pm in the basement of Morrow! We want to see you be involved with the themes, games, and socials! Morrow Hall Funding Request Forms are also available at the front desk for you to submit your ideas and improvements.

Friday Night Clubs: The most accurate description of these gems are: FUN and FREE! For December we have:

December 2nd- Murder Mystery: hosted by Dobson & Pickard
December 9th- Bingo: hosted by Bridgeway Commons
December 16th- BONUS! Ice Cream Social: hosted by Morrow's HIT
December 23rd- Holiday Break

Be a Resident Assistant!: Believe it or not, it is time to start thinking about RA applications for Fall 2017. December 7th at 7:00pm in Velzy Commons is RA Marketing Night. Come to meet some of the staff from each hall. Check out the Residence Life website to find out more info!

Also, please check out a couple important pieces of news:
- Read your “Safety 104 e-mail.” This e-mail outlines important safety tips to think about during the month of December and for all time!

- Be on the lookout for “Snow Emergency” information. All residents will be receiving a brochure that explains our procedures when a snow emergency for parking is declared. It is YOUR responsibility to move your vehicle and be aware of the process. When an SEP is declared, there will be emails sent out, Facebook posts, fliers in the lobby and on your wing, and additional information put in your mailboxes.

- Attend your mandatory wing meeting about closing information. Some headlines include: 24 Hour Quiet Hours begin Sunday, December 18th at 1:00 am AND Morrow Hall closes at 6:00 pm on Friday, December 23rd. Your refrigerator must be defrosted, unplugged, and dried before you leave!

- Utilize your resources as finals approach. Academic Support Programs, your professors' office hours, and your RA are each a great resource to help you succeed. 

- Take a look at the Morrow Hall Facebook Page in order to receive the most up to date events happening around campus.

***Safety Tip of the Month: Practicing good hygiene habits is the first step to preventing the spread of illness. Be sure to wash your hands regularly to avoid the spread of germs. If you are not feeling well, be sure to take good care of yourself by getting plenty of rest, washing your hands, and seeking professional help if your illness continues. Student Health Services on campus offers free flu shots to all students, so take advantage of this if you haven’t yet!

If you ever have questions throughout the school year, don't hesitate to talk to your RA. That's what they are here for! Let's make this a great year! 

Olivia Kopecky
Morrow Hall Resident Director


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