Melcher Hall Involvement

Melcher Hall Involvement Mission

The Melcher Hall Involvement Team (MHI Team – Pronounced My Team) is in place to engage and connect all Melcher residents with their community on a variety of levels. First and foremost, this team is tasked with the challenge of promoting an environment in which each resident takes responsibility and pride in his role in the community. Second, the MHI team is designed to promote leadership (both through displayed actions and invisible guiding) in the Men of Melcher. Through advocating for both themselves and their floor mates, it is hoped that all men involved in this team will further develop their skillsets to influence and guide future teams. Finally, this team is designed to encourage all residents to take ownership of their Pioneer experience through bringing concerns forward, planning for the future, and engaging in civil discussion regarding their experiences.


Melcher hall Involvement Members

Melcher Executive Notables (M.E.N.)

Team Lead:  Keagan Gustin

Activities Coordinator:  Andrew Topel

RHA Reps: Jacob Pederson and Chandler Steele


Wing Representatives

1 West: Cody Lewandowski

1 East: To Be Determined

2 West: To Be Determined

2 East: To Be Determined

3 West: Isaac Elsen, Baird Miller

3 East: Tyler John

4 West: To Be Determined

4 East: Brandon Welty, Kenyon Wensing

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