Faculty and Staff

Rob Snyder, Ph.D.Professor
Teaches: Video and audio production and core classes
Office: 607 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.1630
E-mail: snyderro@uwplatt.edu

Mary Rose Williams

Mary Rose Williams, Ph.D.Professor
Teaches: Media theories and core classes
Office: 606 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.1373
E-mail: willmary@uwplatt.edu

Hao Chen

Hao Chen, Ph.D.Associate Professor
Teaches: Web and multimedia development and core classes
Office: 612 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.1180
E-mail: chenh@uwplatt.edu

Steve Yunck

Steve Yunck, M.F.A.Professor
Teaches: Photography and core classes
Office: 611 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.6050
E-mail: yuncks@uwplatt.edu

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