Becky Troy

Title: Department Assistant
Office: 610 Pioneer Tower

Becky Troy has been at UW-Platteville since 1984, and transferred to the Department of Communication in 1987. In 1994 the Department of Communication and the Department of Computer Science merged into Computer Science and Communication Technologies Management. In 2002 the two departments split and Becky now serves the Department of Communication Technologies and the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. She currently serves as Chair of the BILSA Social Committee, as the BILSA representative on the Visitor Center, and on the Executive Council of the UW-Platteville Wisconsin State Employees local union.

Becky resides on Ollie Bell Road between the twin cities, New Diggings and Leadmine. The commute gives her time to reflect and many times a good excuse to miss work (too much snow, too much ice, too cold, too dry, too hot). She enjoys spending time with her husband, John and daughters, Amanda and Tiffany. She has two horses, a dog that thinks he’s a horse, several cats that think they are dogs, and four aquariums of fish.

Becky Troy, Department Assistant

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