What's New in the Desire2Learn 10.6 Upgrade

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What's New in the Desire2Learn 10.6 Upgrade

You will find new features and functions in Desire2Learn version 10.6 (effective June 9, 2016). A summary of some of these new features follows. The majority of the items apply to instructors, but a few may apply to students as well. 

Supported Browsers for D2L v.10.6*

 Browser support for D2L v10.6

*Due to the frequency of browser changes, there is no guarantee that each browser version will work as expected, and some add-ins (such as when recording videos or using online rooms) in D2L will have different browser requirements. Please contact Help Desk if you are experiencing issues with your browser and we will assist in finding the best solution.

List of Features

Content Tool

Discussion TOOL

Dropbox TOOL


Other Miscellaneous Changes

Technical Support

Content Tool

Upcoming Events Is Renamed to Course Schedule

PDF documents are now viewable inline in supported desktop browsers, hyperlinks are clickable and documents can be viewed in full screen mode by clicking the "Switch to Presentation Mode" button in the bottom right corner of the document viewer.

  • Items in the Course Schedule can be filtered by the Overdue, Upcoming, or Full Schedule tabs.
  • Students can view a list of overdue assignments in the new Overdue tab, if the dropboxes have been linked in the Content area.
  • When all overdue items are completed, the Overdue tab disappears from the Course Schedule view.

Add Video and Audio from Content Module

Using the "New" button dropdown menu, video and audio links can be added for external links or uploaded from your local files using drag and drop.

Grade Dropbox Non-submissions in Content Area

By clicking on the dropbox and selecting the "Completion Summary," filtering by "Incomplete," and clicking on the student's name, an instructor can now grade and provide feedback without navigating to the gradebook or dropbox areas.

Grading non-submissions

PDF Documents Are Viewable Inline

PDF documents are now viewable inline in supported desktop browsers, hyperlinks are clickable and documents can be viewed in full screen mode by clicking the "Switch to Presentation Mode" button in the bottom right corner of the document viewer.

Import/Export/Copy Tool

  • When importing or copying previously offered course content from the Content area, select "Include associated files" and the files associated with that module will be included.

TOC Menu
Select preference.

Choose Include Associated Files
Choose the items needed and check "Include associated files" and continue as usual.

  • The user data is displayed in "Copy Course Component History" information.
  • The Import/Export/Copy Components now uses asynchronous workflow to avoid timeouts when copying large courses; the History page displays the progress of the copy.

Discussions Tool

Grading with Rubrics

Instructors are able to grade discussions and see the associated rubrics on the same screen.

Spy Scrolling

The "Read" status for discussion topics is now dynamic, changing as the student scrolls down the page.

Bulk Delete

Forums and topics can be deleted in bulk by clicking the "More Actions" dropdown menu and selecting "Delete."

Accidental deletions of forums and topics can be recovered using the "More Actions" dropdown and selecting "Restore."

Subscribe to All

The "Subscribe to this thread" option will not be selected (by default). To change this, go to the Discussion Settings, select "When creating a new thread, subscribe o the thread by default," or manually select the "Subscribe to this thread" check box from the Compose window.

Dropbox Tool


  • By clicking the checkbox next to the student's name the instructor can easily delete the student's submission(s).
  • Deleted dropbox files can be recovered from the Submission Log tab, inside of the "View Submissions" screen.



  • A new "Group Prefix" field is available that will automatically add a custom prefix to the name of each group.
  • Enrollment type: # of Groups of # - Self Enrollment has been renamed # of Groups, Capacity of # - Self Enrollment. The function it performs is still the same.
    Group Enrollment Options
  • Self-enrollment groups changes:
    • Capacity markers are displayed when group category is set up with capacities. The capacity is displayed as x/y; x represents the number of students currently enrolled in the group and y is the number that can be enrolled in the group.
    • "Set Self Enrollment Expiry Date" is a new option for the category. The "Allocate unenrolled users after Self Enrollment Expiry Date" option can be selected to automatically assign any students who are not enrolled in a self-enrollment group to one of the available groups after the expiration date has past.

Other Miscellaneous Changes


Other miscellaneous changes include:

  • All tools that display students' names will now sort them by last name (A-Z) by default.
  • The "Now" button has been restored to the date restrictions and search filter areas, making it easier to update the start, due and end dates when a course has been copied from a previous semester.
    • Now button is available
      The "Now" button will makes easier to edit dates.
  • A new font, Open Dyslexic, will be available for users with dyslexia (using the user's account settings).
    • Sample of OpenDyslexic Font
      (Sample from Wikipedia)
  • News: Deleted news items can be restored from the "More Actions" dropdown menu located in the News tool page.
    • News restore menu item

Technical Support

Contact Information

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