Using Online Rooms in Desire2Learn for Webconferencing

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What are Online Rooms in Desire2Learn?

Online Rooms is the webconferencing tool in the Desire2Learn learning management system used at UW-Platteville. Instructors and students enrolled in courses with a Desire2Learn course shell have access to the tool. Online Rooms enables users to create, schedule and manage online rooms where users can join a Blackboard Collaborate session in order to watch presentations, share resources and communicate interactively with attendees.

Online Rooms can be restricted to a certain group of attendees or open to all students who are enrolled in a course. Additionally, individuals not directly affiliated with UW-Platteville can be invited to attend Online Room sessions.

How can Online Rooms be used to Enhance Teaching and Engage Students in Learning?

As a webconferencing tool, the uses of Online Rooms in the teaching and learning process are wide-ranging. Effective use of Online Rooms requires a broadband Internet connection, a microphone and (optionally) a webcam. These tools are available to instructors using almost all classrooms at UW-Platteville. The same technology is built-in to most modern laptop computers, tablets and smartphones. The availability and ready access promote remote (or virtual) connections between instructors and students, between students as peers, and also to almost any individual globally who might connect with UW-Platteville students.

At UW-Platteville, LMS and MTS collaborate to support instructors who would like to specifically use Online Rooms to conduct virtual office hours or host a remote guest speaker in a regular face-to-face course. Staff at LMS and MTS are also available to consult with UW-Platteville instructors on other webconferencing uses of Online Rooms.

For a demonstration please contact or phone 608.342.1792