Request Course Section Consolidation


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Use this form to request that various sections of a particular course you are teaching be combined (consolidated). Combined sections allow you to manage one course with separate rosters and groups. You need only update course content in one place.

While consolidation can be reversed, the process takes several days and is not advised. To learn more about consolidation and how it may affect your course before you make your request, please refer to "What is consolidation?" 

Course consolidations must occur BEFORE any content is added to the course.  Content residing in any course sections to be consolidated will be lost.  Course consolidations should be requested no later than one week before the semester begins.  When courses are consolidated, any student materials already uploaded to the individual course shells cannot be copied over and is essentially lost.  Therefore, no course sections will be consolidated if students have taken quizzes, uploaded to a dropbox or participated in a discussion. 

If consolidations are done after a second instructor or student grader has been added to a Desire2Learn course, the request to add an instructor or PAL will have to be re-submitted.

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