On-Line Rooms

What you need to know about joining a Desire2Learn on-line room.

On-line rooms works best if you have a webcam or headset with a microphone.  At a minimum it works best to have speakers (or a headset you can plug in) to hear.  There is a chat feature in on-line rooms so that you can always communicate by typing.

How to join a Desire2Learn online room

To join an online room you must either have a URL to go to the room or in Desire2Learn, go to More/Online Rooms and click the Join button of the room you want to enter.  Make sure the pop-up blocker on your browser is turned off.  If you enter a room using a URL, answer questions positively about download and installing the java applet to run the on-line room.  When it prompts for a session name, type in your name - how you will be recognized when you enter the room. 

Once in the room (either by URL or by clicking the join button) test your speakers and microphone by clicking Tools/Audio Setup Wizard.  Once you have the audio set, if you want to have people in the room see you, then click the video button in the Audio Video panel on the left. Make sure you click the Audio button in the same panel so others can hear you.  You can always type in the chat window at the bottom.

If you have trouble with getting into an Online Room, email icet@uwplatt.edu or contact 608.342.1792


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