ICET QuickGuide: Manage Dates (Desire2Learn)

Version: 10.0 and higher

The Manage Dates tool enables editing of a list of objects in a course by date availability values. Use the filter options to narrow down a list of items by tool, date range, duration, and Calendar status settings.


  • Access to a Desire2Learn Course.
  • Content, Discussions, Quizzes, Dropboxes and/or Grades already created.
  • Instructor Access to the course.

STEPS to Follow:

  1. Log into Desire2Learn.
  2. Select a course.
  3. Click More in the Navigation bar.
  4. Click Edit Course.
  5. Click Manage Dates.

Desire2Learn Manage Dates Filter
Manage Dates Filter Options

  1. Filter by tool to reduce the number of items to review.  For example, choose only Dropbox to adjust dropbox dates.
  2. Use Advanced Filter to further select the items needing date management.
  3. Click Apply Filter

Desire2Learn Manage Dates Advanced Filter
Manage Dates Advanced Filter

  1. Select items using the checkbox.

Desire2Learn Manage Dates
List of Dates of Desire2Learn Objects to Manage

  1. Edit dates is used to set starting and ending dates and display the item in the Calendar.  Offset Dates is used to change the date of an existing item by entering the number of days to move the date forward or backward or calculated between 2 dates.
  2. To edit dates, choose Edit Dates.

Desire2Learn Manage Dates Edit Dates Window
Edit Dates

  1. Adjust starting and ending dates or remove starting and/or ending dates. Check if the item is to be visible in the Calendar.
  2. Click Save.
  3. To adjust dates using an offset, choose Offset Dates.

Desire2Learn Manage Dates Offset Dates Window
Edit Dates using Offset

  1. Choose to offset Start date only, End date only or Both Start date and End date.
  2. Choose to offset Forward, Backward, or Calculated based on two dates.
  3. Type in an offset number for Forward or Backward.

Manage Dates Calculate Offest Between 2 Dates
Edit Dates by Offset using Calculate Between Two Dates

  1. Enter start and end date for Calculated based on two dates and click Calculate. The offset used to compute the new date(s) is the difference between the two dates entered. 
  2. Click Save.

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