ICET Quickguide: Create a Dropbox in Content (Desire2Learn)

Version 10.3 and Higher

Dropboxes provide the ability to collect assignments electronically.  A dropbox folder can be associated with a grade item so that when the assignment is scored in the dropbox, the score is updated in the gradebook automatically.  Dropboxes can be created for individual assignments and for group assignments.  Dropboxes have three dates - start date, due date and end date.  This provides flexibility to the instructor from allowing a dropbox open all semester to restricting start/stop dates and even tracking late assignments.  Special access can also be established for individual students based on completion of other content in the course or different start/stop dates.

Additional information on creating a dropbox in content can be found at Creating and Managing Dropbox in the Desire2Learn Online Resource Center.  Following this link will direct you away from the UW-Platteville ICET Website.


  • Instructor access to a Desire2Learn Course

Steps to Follow:

  1. Log into Desire2Learn.
  2. Select a course.
  3. Click Content from the navigation bar.
  4. Locate the module where the dropbox is to appear.
  5. Click the dropdown arrow next to New.

Dropdown list menu
New Dropdown List 

  1. Choose New Dropbox.
  2. Type in a title and choose if the folder is for individual submission or group submission.

Create a Dropbox Screenshot
Create a Dropbox Window in Content 

  1. Use the HTML Editor window to type in instructions about the assignment for the student to review.

 Note: For more on using the HTML Editor, see ICET QuickGuide: Using the HTML Editor in Desire2Learn.

  1. To immediately make the Dropbox available to users click Publish.
  2. To publish or make available to users at a later date, click Save as Draft.

Dropbox properties menu
Options When Adding a Dropbox to Content

  1. Click Add Attachments and a drag/drop box will be displayed that provides a means to upload documents, record audio and/or video files, and to select a file that already exists in the course.
  2. Activity Details provide further control of a student submission. A grade item can be associated with the dropbox and the completion status set.
  3. Content restrictions and dates can be added.
  4. Click on the Options to make changes. Select from the dropdown menus how many files are allowed per submission and how many submissions the student can make.  

Note: All submissions are date stamped so it is easy for the instructor to determine the most recent submission if all submissions are kept.

Completion Summary

  1. The Completion Summary shows each student (or group) and what was submitted.  To view, click the hide/show icon Show/Hide Iconon the right side of the Completion Summary bar.  This is a toggle switch to hide/show the information. 
  2. The filters (All, Complete, Incomplete) allow a view of all students or only those who have completed or not completed the assignment.

Note: A dropbox can also be created by using the menu option Dropbox.  For more information about this and on conditions and restrictions see Create a Dropbox (Desire2Learn)

If you need further assistance, contact or phone 608.342.1792

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