ICET QuickGuide: Content Notifications


Content notifications allow a user to receive emails when certain actions have occurred in a course. Instructors can notify students when updating or changing a topic in Content. A custom message can be included with the notification and completion tracking status can be reset for students who have already completed the activity. Students receive an alert notification in their minibar which directs them to the updated topic. Additional information on Content Notifications can be found at Enabling Notifications in Content and at Notifying Students about Updated Course Content the Desire2Learn Online Resource Center .  Following this link will direct you away from the UW-Platteville ICET Website.


  • Instructor access to a Desire2Learn Course
  • Previously created content

STEPS TO FOLLOW:             

  1. Log into Desire2Learn.
  2. Select a course.
  3. Click Content in the Navigation menu. 
  4. Navigate to the content that will be changed.
  5. Click Edit HTML or Change File to change the content.
  6. Select the checkbox next to Notify students the content has changed.
  7. Click Update.

Content notifications for Change File
Content Notifications for Change File

Content notifications for change in HTML file
Content notification for change in HTML file

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