Create a Dropbox (Desire2Learn)

Version 10.1 and Higher

The Dropbox tool in Desire2Learn enables instructors to set up folders for students to use to submit their assignments. By electronically collecting assignments, tracking and record-keeping is also simplified. Instructors can set up separate Dropbox folders for each assignment and restrict access to the folders by date and time, group membership, or special access permissions. Once assignments are submitted, assignments are downloaded as zip files and can be sorted by student allowing submission times to be checked and grading, comments and feedback returned to students all from within the Dropbox tool.

To view the Dropbox folder options, click on the Dropbox tab on the Navigation bar and Click New Folder.

Screenshot of Folder Properties in Dropbox
Folder Properties

Individual submission folders allow one student to submit and access feedback related to an assignment.

Group submission Dropbox allows any member of a Desire2Learn group to submit documents to the folder and receive the same grade and feedback.

Submission Options

Files Allowed Per Submission allows an instructor to restrict the number of files allowed per submission to one. Alternatively, students are permitted to submit an unlimited number of files in a single Dropbox submission.

The Submissions options allow an instructor to determine how subsequent submissions to a Dropbox are handled. In addition to allowing only one submission, instructors can choose to allow multiple submissions and keep or overwrite earlier submissions.

Screenshot of submission options
Submission Options

Screenshot of Dropbox Restrictions screen

Under the Restrictions tab, instructors can define the amount of time a Dropbox folder is visible to students and when assignments submitted to the Dropbox are considered late.

The Start Date is the day that the Dropbox first becomes available to students.

The Due Date is the day by which the assignment is to be submitted by the students.

The End Date is the last day that the Dropbox is available to students.

The benefit to this is that instructors can set a due date that is BEFORE the end date, allowing students to turn in assignments after the due date (marked as late of course). 

Release conditions can also be set. For more information on release conditions, see ICET QuickGuide: Content Restrictions and Conditions.

Additionally, instructors can give special access permissions to students using the Dropbox. Special access permissions allow the instructor to set different availability dates and times for specific users. This may involve extending a deadline for specific users who are submitting work beyond the original scope of the Dropbox folder or providing special access after a Dropbox folder's end date has past.

After special access permissions have been given to a user they are listed in the Special Access section. These permissions can be modified or deleted by clicking the icons next to the student name.

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