Course Consolidation FAQ

What is course consolidation?

Consolidation (also called “aggregation”) refers to the process of housing one or more sections within a main course. The purpose is to provide instructors who teach several sections of the same course with one account for uploading content, creating quizzes, monitoring discussions, and entering grades. Only the main course will appear on the instructor’s Desire2Learn Home page.

Under what circumstances might I want to consolidate?

  • You are teaching several sections of the same course.

  • You are teaching a lecture and various labs or discussion sections.

  • You are teaching a cross-listed course.

  • Any time you have various sections all using the same materials, quizzes, and/or grading schemes.

Under what circumstances might I want to leave sections separate?

  • You are teaching the lecture, and someone else is leading the labs or discussions UNLESS ALL PARTICIPATING INSTRUCTORS AGREE to consolidate.

How do I request a course consolidation?

Course consolidations can be requested using the online form “Request Course Section Consolidation.” You may also contact the Helpdesk for assistance at x1792 or

Before you request a consolidation, make sure you understand how it will affect your course work. Please contact the staff at the Instructional Center for Educational Technologies with any questions or concerns (608.342.1792 or

How long does it take to consolidate a course?

Most requests can be completed within 24 hours. Once the changes are made, they need to be integrated by the system overnight. In the weeks surrounding the beginning of each semester, requests are at their highest, and turn-around may take a couple of days. An email will be sent when the request is completed.

What if I change my mind? Can consolidated sections be separated?

It is possible to separate consolidated sections; however, the process takes several days. It is best to ask questions and consider the effects of consolidation before making the request.

Can I still access individual section rosters for emailing and grading purposes?

Yes. At times you may wish to access individual section rosters rather than the combined class list. Perhaps you need to send an email to a certain section, or you want to enter grades for one class at a time.

Instructions for accessing individual section rosters be found in “Viewing Individual Section Rosters within Consolidated Courses.”

Can I still give timed, in-class Desire2Learn quizzes to individual sections within a consolidated course?

Yes. There are two options: Using a Password in which the instructor manually re-sets the password for each group and Using Advanced Availability in which the instructor sets availability for each group ahead of time.

Instructions for both methods can be found in “Using Desire2Learn Quizzes in Consolidated Courses.”

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