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What is a Records Retention/Disposition Authorization (RDA)?

A Records Retention/Disposition Authorization (RDA), also referred to as a retention schedule, contains instructions as to the length of time, location, and form in which records series are to be kept and the method of filing records series.

The State of Wisconsin uses Records Retention/Disposition Authorizations to implement records policy. Once approved, an RDA becomes the legal basis for the disposition of records. In other words, an RDA approved for a particular records series, or group of related records, gives offices legal authorization to retain, destroy, or transfer records.

The State's Public Records and Forms Board (PRFB) is responsible for the final approval of all RDAs. The Board's responsibilities are described under Wisconsin Statute 16.61, also referred to as the Public Records Law. As a state agency, UW-Platteville must conform to the provisions of Chapter 16.61 regarding the retention and disposition of state agency records.

Under Chapter 16.61 state agencies should submit retention schedules for all public records series in their custody to the PRFB for approval within one year after a records series has been created.

RDAs expire or "sunset" after ten years to allow for the periodic re-evaluation of a records series. At that time the RRDA must be updated and resubmitted to the PRFB for approval.

There are generally two types of retention schedules: general, campus-wide RDAs and RDAs that are division or department specific. A scheduled records table listing records common to UW-Platteville offices is available from the Archives. Copies of department-specific RDAs may also be requested from the Archives.

Questions about records schedules or the scheduling of university records should be directed to the Archives at 608.342.1229.

Commonly Scheduled Records

Conditions Affecting Final Disposition

All recommended dispositions stated within these schedules may be carried out by the office without further consultation or approval from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Archives, Administrative Legal Services or Internal Audit with the following exceptions:

  1. Records Request. If an open records request has been made with an office for any item or items in this schedule, the Open Records Law (Sec.19.35 (5) Wis. Stats.) forbids the destruction of any record until the request is granted or until at least sixty days after the date that the request is denied. Court orders may extend this time period. The University's legal records custodian can advise offices on specific requests for access (Sec.19.33 and 19.34, Wis. Stats.).
  2. Pending Litigation or Audit. It is the department's responsibility to determine if an audit or pending litigation will involve any records listed in a Records Disposition Authorization, and to suspend any disposition until such time as the audit or litigation is completed.

Commonly Found Records

Transferring Records to the Archives


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