Catalog Department


The Cataloging Department is responsible for the creation, the maintenance, the indexing, and the integrity of the Karrmann Library Catalog. The library catalog provides access to the holdings of the library such as books, titles of periodicals, microforms, audio-visual materials, musical recordings, government documents, and computer materials such as CD-ROMs. The library catalog, via bibliographic records, will provide the following information to the patron:

  • A description of the physical item including author, title, publisher, copyright date, and the extent of the item
  • Analysis of the item's content by the Department, and the assigning of Library of Congress subject headings (a standardized, controlled vocabulary)
  • Classification of the item (assigning a call number to the item) using the Library of Congress classification scheme, Dewey Decimal System or another classification scheme as applicable.
  • Indicates the location of the item within the library to the patron, the status of an item (is the item on the shelves, on order, or is it checked out to another patron), and the due date if applicable.

The assigning of subject headings enables the patron to locate library materials by a subject search. The assigning of a classification number will draw like materials together on the shelf thus permitting the patron to browse the shelves in a particular classification number.

Reporting ERRORS in Online Catalog

If you are searching the library catalog, (known as Search@UW) and you find a mispelling or something questionable in a bibliographic record please notify the librarian who is working at the Reference Desk and they will forward the information to Jessica Donahoe.

Catalog Department Hours

Academic school year - 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
Summer break period - 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Catalog Department Personnel


Jessica Donahoe - Cataloging Coordinator
Tel: 608.342.1348

Lynelle Moseley - Library Assistant Advanced
Tel: 608.342.1643

Cataloging Tools and Resources on the Internet