Campus Read Lecture with Ken Armstrong

Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 4:30pm to 6:00pm
Velzy Commons, Ullsvik Hall

Based on a campus vote of students and staff, the new selection for the 2013 academic year Campus Read will be “Scoreboard, Baby: A Story of College Football, Crime, and Complicity,” by Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry.

Last year, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville established the first Campus Read, a program designed to get students and faculty on campus engaged in reading a book that provokes thoughtful discussion and reflection.

“We can use this common experience to initiate an intellectually rigorous discussion, involving members of the campus and surrounding community, that will challenge us to learn, to engage and to question our assumptions and biases in a productive manner,” wrote Dr. Mittie N. Den Herder, provost and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, in the preface to last year’s book, “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.”

In “Scoreboard, Baby,” reporters Armstrong and Perry take readers through a descriptive account of the University of Washington’s 2000 football squad, which included 24 players who were arrested or charged with crimes during their years at the university, for which they did little or no time. Crimes as serious as armed robbery and sexual assault went seemingly unpunished as a web of accomplices ranging from team coaches, university officials, local police and prosecutors, members of the media, and even victims kept the players on the field so that the Washington Huskies could reach for their winning season.

“We look for books that will generate interest among students and will provide material worthy of class time,” said Evelyn Martens, co-chair along with Kory Wein, Associate Dean of LAE,  of the 2013-14 Campus Read committee. “We had a great inaugural year, and we would love to see even more people get involved with this book both in their classrooms and around campus.”

“Scoreboard, Baby” is an illustration of how a Division I university can put the strongest emphasis on winning at all costs, but readers must keep an open mind regarding other collegiate football programs across the nation, according to Mark Molesworth, UW-Platteville director of the athletic department.

“The culture that existed at Washington at the time of these incidents is completely opposite of the culture that exists within the athletics program at UW-Platteville,” Molesworth said. “Our goals here are to focus on developing a well-rounded student with athletics as a part of the total process. We have expressed our desire to be involved in discussions and in classrooms next year because this book can touch on a variety of different issues, including social and financial ones.”

Ken Armstrong will speak on Thursday, Oct. 10, from 4:30-6:30pm in Ullsvik Hall, Velzy Commons which will include a question and answer session and book signing.

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