Example of an Embedded Twitter Feed

This page shows an example of how a Twitter feed can be embedded in your page as a reusable. These reusables must be set up by the Web Development office because content stewards do not have access to embedding JavaScript. To help the Web Development staff set up your embedded Twitter feed, go to https://twitter.com/settings/widgets/new and create a new widget. Be sure to use the following settings.

  • Username: This should be the Twitter username of the account for the feed that you wish to embed.
  • Options: "Exclude replies" and "Auto-expand photos" should both be checked.
  • Height: 300 (you can stray from 300 if there is a compelling reason)
  • Theme: Light
  • Link Color: Click on the text field for link color, and a color picker will appear. In that color picker, enter 076bb3 (the first character is a zero), and then click "Done."
  • Check "Opt out of tailoring Twitter."
  • Click "Create Widget."
  • Twitter will generate some code (text) and make it available to you in a small text box. Copy all of that text and paste it in an e-mail message addressed to web@uwplatt.edu.
  • Web Development staff will set up your embedded Twitter feed once the e-mail is received.
  • Web Development staff will wrap the HTML code generated by Twitter in a div with margin property of 15px 15px 0px 15px. (Note that bottom margin is zero.)

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