Big Buttons

About Big Buttons

These big buttons are intended for bold buttons that launch major applications or processes, and so they are different than the orange buttons used to submit forms and other buttons. Any link can be turned into a big button. Just access the link's "Advanced" tab when you're creating/editing the link and add one of the following stylesheet classes:

  • ButtonP
  • ButtonP-Small
  • ButtonP-Medium
  • ButtonP-Large

In addition to these classes, you can also add properties to the "Style" field under the link's "Advanced" tab. For example, you might add properties to control float so that multiple buttons can appear on the same line, you might add margin to control spacing, etc. See the style properties below for examples. Note that adding style properties is an advanced task, so don't hesitate to contact the Web Development office for assitance.

  • float: left;
    This property makes the link float left so the link that follows it will appear to it's right.
  • margin-left: 20px;
    This property adds spacing on the left of the link, which is useful if the previous link is floating left.
  • float: left; margin-left: 20px; margin-right: 20px;
    These properties are useful for a middle button in a row of three buttons.
  • clear: both;
    This property can be added to any element, whether it's a link or not, if you want the element to begin on a new line. This property can be added to HTML elements when in "Source" mode. Note that editing in "Source" mode requires knowledge of the HTML markup language.


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