Hall of Fame Selection Procedures

Passed January 27, 2003


The objects and purposes shall be:

  1. to identify, research, elect, promote and honor faculty, staff, retirees, alumni and friends as inductees into the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Arts and Letters Hall of Fame;
  2. to advance the interests and standards of the arts and letters at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville; and
  3. to promote a mutually beneficial relationship between the university and the greater university community.


The Selection Committee shall consist of eight (8) members, comprised as follows:

  1. Six (6) UW-Platteville staff members who serve by virtue of position:
  2. UW-Platteville Dean of Liberal Arts and Education
  3. UW-Platteville Assistant Dean of Liberal Arts and Education
  4. UW-Platteville Department Chair of Fine Arts
  5. UW-Platteville Department Chair of Humanities
  6. UW-Platteville Alumni Director
  7. UW-Platteville Education and Liberal Studies Alumni Chapter President
  8. One (1) appointed Platteville/southwest Wisconsin area citizen member
  9. One (1) appointed UW-Platteville retired faculty/staff member

The term of office shall be six (6) years for appointed members. Said terms of office shall commence on September 1. The 2 appointed members shall serve rotating terms with one member appointed every third year. The appointment of Selection Committee Members shall take place at the annual meeting.

The Selection Committee shall elect its own officers at its annual meeting, in even-numbered years, by a majority vote. Any officer member may succeed himself/herself. The officers shall include a chairperson, vice-chairperson, and secretary.

The function and duties of the officers shall be such as are implied by their respective titles and as follows:

  1. The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the Selection Committee and shall implement the policies and programs described herein or hereafter adopted by the Selection Committee. He/she is hereby authorized to appoint sub-committees and chairpersons thereof, and to take such other actions as he/she deems necessary for the proper administration of adopted policies and programs and other affairs of the Selection Committee.
  2. The Vice-chairperson shall assist the Chairperson in the discharge of his/her duties and shall accept and carry out such duties and assignments as are delegated to him/her by the Chairperson or the Selection Committee. The Vice-chairperson shall succeed to the Chair position in the case of a vacancy in that office and shall preside at all meetings of the Selection Committee in the Chairperson’s absence.
  3. The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Selection Committee and perform such other duties as may be specified by the Chairperson or the Selection Committee.

Any vacancy on the Selection Committee shall be filled by appointment by the Chairperson, subject to the approval of the Selection Committee, and shall be for the unexpired term of such office.


An Annual Meeting of the Selection Committee shall be held February at a time and place to be fixed by the Chairperson. Notice thereof shall be mailed to all members no less than ten (10) days prior to such meeting.

Special Meetings of the Selection Committee shall be called by the Chairperson or on petition in writing and signed by four (4) or more Members. Notice of such meetings, stating the time, place and nature of business to be conducted, shall be mailed to all members at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the Special Meeting.

A quorum for any meeting of the Selection Committee shall be at least 51% of the current membership.

All meetings of the Selection Committee shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order to the extent that such conduct is not otherwise governed by these Operating Procedures.


Candidates for induction into the UW-Platteville Arts and Letters Hall of Fame must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Documented outstanding performance in arts and letters activities while a student at UW-Platteville with a graduation date five (5) or more years previous to the current year; or
  2. Documented outstanding past or current teaching/facilitating learning/coaching in the area of arts and/pr letters of fifteen (15) or more years; or
  3. Documented outstanding past or current contributions to the UW-Platteville arts and letters programs.

Nominations for the Arts and Letters Hall of Fame may be made by any Selection Committee member, any alumnus of UW-Platteville or any past or current faculty/staff member at UW-Platteville. Any nomination must include written documentation on the candidate outlining his/her qualifications and must be submitted to the Chairperson by January 1st (about 6 weeks prior to the annual meeting). If adequate documentation does not accompany the nominations, the Selection Committee shall employ student assistants to conduct research in an attempt to more fully document the nominee’s qualifications. The chairperson must then forward copies of all nominations to all members of the Selection Committee at least one (1) week before the annual meeting. Any candidate who is not elected in the current year shall be automatically reconsidered for the next two consecutive years.

Inductees into the Arts and Letters Hall of Fame shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Selection Committee.

Upon receipt of all nominations at the annual meeting, each Selection Committee Member may then cast his/her vote for a many as four (4) candidates. Voting shall be by written ballot and each candidate receiving at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the votes cast on any ballot shall be duly elected to the Arts and Letters Hall of Fame. If fewer than four (4) candidates are elected on majority vote, the committee may agree to elect fewer than four (4) candidates. However, no more than four (4) candidates may be elected in any one year.


Funds in support of the UW-Platteville Arts and Letters Hall of Fame and its activities shall come from the operational budget of the Liberal Arts and Education Alumni Chapter, the Dean of Liberal Arts UW-Platteville Foundation Development Fund, and/or donations from interested members, alumni or friends.

Hall of Fame Nomination Forms

Category A - Outstanding Performance in Collegiate Arts and Letters

Category B - Outstanding Teaching/Facilitating/Coaching/Directing in the area of Arts and/or Letters

Category C - Distinguished Service to UW-Platteville Arts and/or Letters Programs

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