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College of Liberal Arts and Education

The College of Liberal Arts and Education provides an education in the liberal arts by cultivating in students both a breadth of knowledge and an awareness of the complexities of nature and human culture. It is hoped that students will develop a deep concern for values both personal and social. At the same time, liberal studies provide intellectual skills needed to assure flexibility and a capacity for self-education. Such skills and abilities have increasingly greater survival value in a world where change is constant, where no career or profession remains static, and where most people will make several major vocational changes in their lifetimes.


Here's what our graduates are saying...

Evan Armour

"UW-Platteville provided many easily-accessible opportunities for campus involvement and skill development that directly correlated to work-related duties. This is especially true in regard to my criminal justice classes, which required me to channel my critical thinking, criminal law, and writing skills, much like my current career demands. I love UW-Platteville for the lifelong friends I made and the ability to get a great education while participating in sports and other activities."
Evan Armour, Police Officer
City of Dubuque, Iowa Police Department
Bachelor of Science in criminal justice
UW-Platteville, Dec. 2016

Sara Raschein

"My education at UW-Platteville prepared me for my career by giving me ample opportunities to learn and put my learning into practice. When I graduated, I left with an understanding of relevant teaching theories and strategies because I had seen them carried out in a real elementary classroom. I was more than ready to take on my own classroom. The thing I love most about UW-Platteville is the wonderful professors with whom I had the chance to work and build relationships. They gave me the skills and confidence to start my career all the way up here in Alaska and I wouldn’t be the teacher I am without them!"
Sara Raschein, K-6 Teacher
Anchorage School District, Alaska
Bachelor of Science in elementary education
UW-Platteville, May 2016

John Launius

"My time at UW-Platteville was instrumental in attaining my current position. Through my studies in history, I learned critical thinking skills, polished my writing, and learned how to effectively research and present that information to others. Without these skills and the broad scope of historical knowledge I gained at UW-Platteville, it would have been an uphill fight to get where I am today. There are a lot of things to love about UW-Platteville, but for me, the best element of the school was the faculty. My professors, especially my academic advisor, exposed me to new perspectives and ways to look at and examine the world, then taught me how to take that knowledge and apply it to both my studies and my life."
John Taylor Launius, Interpretive Park Guide
National Park Service-Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site, Eads, Colorado
Bachelor of Arts in history
UW-Platteville, Dec. 2015


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