Training Course Descriptions

These technology training topics are offered regularly by Information Technology Services.    

Business Intelligence Workshops

BI Level 1 Consumer

This basic Business Intelligence session is intended for those who need to access data and run reports using existing queries. Attendance requires prior access approval.  The approval form will be sent with registration confirmation.

BI Level 2 Author

This Business Intelligence session targets those who need to write queries, i.e. Authors.   Prerequisite: BI Level 1 Consumer

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Lights, Action, Camtasia! An Introduction to Camtasia Studio
This one-hour introductory workshop covers the basic features of Camtasia Studio, a software suite for creating video tutorials and presentations. Participants will learn how to record the screen, edit the video, export the video, and host it on a UW-Platteville hosted media repository. Click here to learn more about Camtasia at UW-Platteville.

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The Instructional Center for Educational Technologies (ICET) provides training for Desire2Learn and most curriculum-related technologies.  Contact ICET directly at or 608.342.1792 for more information. 

IPad Workshops

iPads: Getting Started

Welcome to the wonderful world of the iPad! This session is specifically designed for new iPad users and those who would like a refresher.  We will explore basic navigation settings, answer questions about general use, share tips and tricks, and discuss popular applications as time permits.

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Media Equipment Training

Media Technology Services provides one-on-one training to faculty, staff, and students on a variety of media technologies including but not limited to projectors, recorders, document cameras, screen capture kits, podcast kits, digital cameras, and phone conferencing equipment.  All of these items may be checked out through the ITS Help Desk.

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Microsoft Excel Workshops

Introduction to Excel

Spreadsheets are a great way to organize information—whether text or numbers. In this introductory course, you will learn fundamental terminology and navigation skills as well as how to create and save a workbook, format cells and worksheets, enter and edit data, and use simple formula calculations.  

Formulas, Functions, Charts, and Other Helpful Tips

So you've entered all this information in neat rows and columns—now what? Explore more complex formulas for calculations beyond adding and subtracting, discover time-saving functions for manipulating and analyzing data, create charts for effective presentations, and learn a few tricks for managing it all on your monitor.  Introduction to Excel or familiarity with Excel basics required.

Mail Merge with MS Word and Excel

Looking for a faster way to address form letters?  How about all those invitation envelopes?  Learn how to set up your Word documents so that you can merge address information from an Excel spreadsheet and save yourself valuable time and effort.  Basic knowledge of Word and Excel is recommended. 

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Microsoft PowerPoint Workshops

Introduction to PowerPoint

An engaging multimedia presentation grabs an audience’s attention and allows you to share your message in several formats simultaneously: verbally, visually, and with written word.  In this workshop, you will create content slides using built-in design features, edit those slides, and save your presentation using sound organizational strategies.  You will learn how to insert clip art and images as well as how to link to your favorite online resources. Suggestions for effective use of PowerPoint will also be discussed.

Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Building on the foundation of Introduction to PowerPoint, we will explore the various organizational tools available within PowerPoint to help you deliver your message effectively.  These include SmartArt, charts, and animation as well as how to incorporate audio-video files for efficient use of your time.  We will discuss best practices that bring you and your content to the forefront while facilitating better understanding in your audience.  If this sounds daunting, fear not!  Anyone who has ever created a PowerPoint presentation has the skills required for this workshop.

Participants are encouraged to bring an existing presentation for critique by the group.  Individual follow-up consultations may be scheduled upon request.

Creating Graphics in PowerPoint

Explore features within PowerPoint that allow you to create and modify graphics that will enhance your presentations.  Investigate drawing tools and various types of illustrations such as SmartArt, shapes, and charts.  Learn how to create a photo album with just a few clicks, and make your graphics come alive with animations.  The effective use of graphics will also be discussed.  Improve an existing presentation, or just come to play.  Introduction to PowerPoint or familiarity with PowerPoint Basics is required. 

Non-Traditional Uses of PowerPoint

Set aside the bulleted lists!  Learn how to create interactive game formats like Jeopardy and Family Feud to liven up your presentation and engage your audience.   Introduction to PowerPoint or familiarity with PowerPoint basics is required.  Familiarity with advanced options such as animation is helpful.

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Microsoft Word Workshops

Introduction to Word

MS Word is a word processing application that allows you to create documents such as letters, memos, lists, manuscripts, reports, and so much more.  In this workshop you will be introduced to all the essential features of Word: formatting paragraphs; setting margins; changing font styles and sizes; cut, copy, and paste; creating headers and footers; reviewing your work; and finally, basic file management.  The only skills needed for this session are the ability to work a mouse and the desire to learn. 

Mail Merge with MS Word and Excel

Looking for a faster way to address form letters?  How about all those invitation envelopes?  Learn how to set up your Word documents so that you can merge address information from an Excel spreadsheet and save yourself valuable time and effort.  Basic knowledge of Word and Excel is recommended. 

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Office 365

Getting Started in Office 365 Outlook Web App
Everything you need to know on Day 1 in your Office 365 account using the Outlook Web App*. Learn to login and navigate Office 365, send and receive mail, schedule an appointment, create a signature and auto-reply, and set your timezone.  Includes information on your free Office 2013 licenses. Intended for new employees and students. *NOTE: This workshop covers Outlook Web App only; instruction on the Outlook Desktop Client is offered separately.

Introduction to Outlook 2013 Desktop Client
Need more versatility with your Office 365 account? Outlook 2013 desktop client offers advanced functionality for managing others’ accounts, scheduling complex meetings – even copying and pasting email lists from Excel.  Join us for the basics of this free campus tool.

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PASS Workshops

Formal PASS training is in development.  Please check the ITS Knowledge Base for answers to most commonly asked questions or feel free to call the ITS Help Desk for assistance.  Individual training may be requested through the online form.

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Response Systems a.k.a. Clickers

Media Technology Services provides one-on-one instruction to faculty, staff, and students on the use of response systems, a.k.a. clickers.  Clickers enable you to turn any class or meeting into an interactive experience by allowing you to collect information or feedback from your audience as you go.  Clickers are available for checkout or order; contact Media Technology Services for more information.

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SMART Board Training

A SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard with interactive touch screen technology that connects to a projector or computer and significantly improves the overall meeting and/or presentation experience. SMART Boards are installed in various classrooms and conferences rooms across campus. This Media Technology Services session includes:

  • Hardware connections and how it all works together
  • Elements of a SMART Board presentation
  • Use of various Pen and Shape Tools to manipulate objects
  • The Pull Down menu
  • Basics of SMART Notebook Toolbar and Side Tabs

Specialized software is required, but is free and available through the ITS Help Desk. 

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Technology-enhanced Classroom Equipment Training

Media Technology Services provides one-on-one instruction to faculty on equipment found in our technology-enhanced classrooms.

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Unified Communications Desk Phone Workshops

UC Desk Phone Demo and Information Session

Demonstration of basic phone functionality and presentation of enhancements, management tools, and mobility options with time for Q&A! Perfect for those who "just" place and make calls and those interested in mobility options.

UC Desk Phone Training Workshop

Hands-on training focusing on the Cisco 8851 "big" phone with key expansion module (KEM) and Cisco 8841 "medium" phone. This session includes an overview of your phone’s features and what they can do for you: basic functionality, conference calling, settings, self-service web portals to manage your phone and voicemail, and using the directory.  Includes information on mobile options. Recommended for program/administrative assistants and those who manage multiple lines as well as those who like to practice.

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Web CMS (Drupal) Workshops

Basic Web CMS Training for Content Stewards

New content stewards will train one-on-one with a member of the Web Development team.  You will learn the basic skills needed to create, edit, and publish web pages for your department or organization. Session includes introduction to the many features available to meet your diverse online needs. 

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