Temporary Group Account Request Form

What is a Temporary Group Account?

Temporary Group Accounts allow access to specific UW-Platteville computer labs for groups visiting the University. This access allows use of computer applications installed on lab computers as well as access to the Internet.

Temporary Group Accounts DO NOT have access to:

  • Network printers: Group accounts are not granted access to University-owned printers.
  • UW-Platteville E-mail: Temporary accounts are not issued an @uwplatt.edu e-mail account. The temporary group account can be used to authenticate to a computer with Internet access to connect to individual web-based e-mail services such as Yahoo mail or Hotmail, for example.
  • Personal network storage: User home directories, commonly referred to as "the J:\ drive", are not created for temporary group accounts.

Examples of Temporary Group accounts:

  • A community organization will be on campus for one evening and would like to use a specific computer lab
  • Summer camp attendees need to use the computers in the residence halls
  • Seminar presenters need to use the computer and projector in a high tech classroom

All groups must have a local sponsor to act as a contact point for the group. All users of Temporary Group Accounts must abide by all established acceptable use policies.

To request a Temporary Group Account, fill out all fields on this form. The completed form is e-mailed to Information Technology Services for consideration and must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the start date. Please understand that submitting a request does not guarantee approval.

UW-Platteville Sponsor Information
Please provide the contact information for the UW-Platteville employee that is sponsoring this Temporary Group Account.
(First, Middle, Last)
Group Information
If exact numbers are not known, please provide an estimate. Only one whole number will be excepted in this field.
Note: You must make separate arrangements to reserve the lab(s). This form is only for the creation of a Temporary Group Account.
Additional Information

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