Systems and Infrastructure

Infrastructure personnel provide a flexible, stable, and secure environment for supporting academic, administrative, and personal technology resources.  This includes but is not limited to wired networks (i.e. maintaining cables), wireless connections, and Internet connections.

Systems personnel provide systems and application lifecycle support for applications important to the academic or administrative business of the university.  Responsibilities include maintaining relationships with vendors (companies whose products we purchase), keeping current with each system we administer, and performing regular updates. Systems and applications range from widely-used (Office 365 and file storage) to specialized applications such as Astra Scheduler (room scheduling)

The Information Security Officer ensures that we can access information when we need it (Availability), depend on that information to be accurate and not corrupted (Integrity), and protect the information from being disclosed to people who don't need it (Confidentiality).

Web Development, in collaboration with University Information and Communications, is responsible for maintaining the campus website.


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Systems and Infrastructure