Business Intelligence Dashboards

Dashboards organize and present information in a way that is easy to understand. Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards consist of one or more pages that can include the following objects:

• Views of an analysis
• Alerts from agents
• Action links and action link menus
• Images
• Text
• Links to web sites
• Links to documents

There are several dashboards available to BI users that meet a wide variety of reporting needs across the UW-Platteville campus. For a brief description of what is available in each dashboard and how it is used, please see below.

CSW: Recruiting and Admissions

This dashboard is used to determine trends among the different colleges by admit term.  These reports have a variety of charts and graphs to display recruiting effectiveness, application processes and admissions trend analysis.

CSW: Student Administration

This dashboard contains summary information on Applicant Trends, Award Disbursement Trends, Student Retention Trends, Student Graduation Trends, Recruiting Effectiveness as compared to the previous year, Prospect to Applicant to Student rates as compared to the previous year, Class Enrollment by Course Subject and Top Student Academic Standings.

Dean’s List

This dashboard is exactly what it sounds like.  For the selected term, the user can get a report of students who have made the Dean’s List.  Results are sorted by student name and/or by college and major.

External Test Scores

This dashboard is used to report on information such as ACT scores, Wisconsin Placement Test scores and Foreign Language scores.  Results can be displayed in a summary format, by college and major, or as totals by an individual student.

Graduation Degree Reports

This dashboard displays information for a completed term to report on graduation trends by college, major and career type (grad vs. undergrad).  This report also displays a list of graduate names and contact information by their degree earned.

Instructor’s Information Report

The Instructor's Information Report includes a set of reports providing information about instructors, courses being taught and the students who are registered for these courses during a selected term, including credits and total enrollment.

There are also tabs to view each course an instructor is teaching for a term, or every instructor who is teaching a specific subject or set of courses by semester.  There is a tab to display the instructor and all the students who are enrolled in a course along with their e-mail addresses and a tab to display what courses a student has dropped in a specific semester.

Majors, Minors, Advisors

This dashboard is used to get a list of all students who have designated a specific major by term, or a specific student’s major along with his/her contact information. Reports also include advisor information. Eventually this dashboard will include reports for multiple majors and minors for each student.

Official Majors List

The Official Majors List is a list of academic plan majors and pre-professional plans. It is not associated with any students.

Seating Class Capacity

This dashboard is designed for scheduling classes in an upcoming term.

Class Capacity is used to give the user real-time information regarding the enrollment of courses on campus.  A user can view enrollment capacity based on term, college, subject, catalog number, course title, section and/or session.  The results display how many students are enrolled along with the limit of how many students can enroll.  It also displays the status of each course (active or cancelled), classroom location, the day and time the course meets.

UWP TSI Student Current Status

This report shows the most current status of everyone who has ever been eligible for Tri-State Initiative (TSI).

Res Life Directory

Full Alpha List - Details by specific building to include student name and ID, rate amount and status.

Listing By Specific Building - Lists all residents of a specific building.  This list provides building, wing, room, student name, ID, phone, birth date, gender and classification.

Listing Of All Buildings - Displays information from all buildings. It includes student name, hall, room and wing, phone, birth date, gender and classification.

Res Life Financials

Academic Year Deposits - Identifies, student name, ID, building, wing, room, term, effective date, rate type (suite, double), rate amount, and rate status (Paid, REF, RA).

Charges No Room Assigned - Identifies students in a specific term that have charges in their Residence Life Financial but still are in a room status of pending room assignment.

Charges Student Not Enrolled - Students with residence hall address that are not registered for classes for a specific term.

Miscellaneous Charges - Identifies rate type by single, double, suite; room rent for each hall; and group post date and ID number.

Residence Life Financials - Identifies student name, ID, gender, building, room, term, rate type (suite, double), rate amount, rate status (Paid, REF, RA) and group ID number when posted.

Residence Life Housing Applicants

Admitted Students No Residence - Identifies admitted students that do not have a residence hall address.

New Applicants with Only Enrollment Deposit – Identifies new applicants that have paid an enroll deposit but not the housing deposit.

Residence Life Occupancy

Room Status By Academic Year - View changed, exempt, non-occupied, occupied or pending status.

FR and SO Students No Assignment - Report shows freshmen and sophomore students that do not have a room assignment in new academic year from previous term.

Students By Specific Rate Type - Sorts by air conditioner, bike rental, loft rental, deposit, expanded, double, single or suite.

Unoccupied Spaces - Lists rooms with open spaces.

Residence Life Student Info

Student Demographics - Displays student name, ID, room status, status date, building, wing, room, gender, student email and resident type.

Student Staff GPA - Displays current and cumulative GPA on Resident Assistants.

Current Term Graduates - Identifies students that have a residence life contract for the full academic year but will graduate at the end of the fall term.







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