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Official UW-Platteville Mobile App

The official UW-Platteville mobile app is your connection to University of Wisconsin-Platteville through your mobile device, available for both iOS and Android. The UW-Platteville app is designed to compliment the mobile-friendly website at and provide University stakeholders with a focused mobile experience that makes it easy to find access to vital information and functionality you may need while on the go. The UW-Platteville app does this by combining a mobile-optimized version of the PASS Express application with the option to receive push notifications. If you want to utilize the features of PASS Express on mobile device, such as browse classes, view your class schedule, etc, the official UW-Platteville app is the best way to do it. The app includes the following features.

Features for Students

  • Class schedule
  • Classroom locations and map
  • Guest/parent access
  • Billing and financial aid
  • Bill pay, including bill pay for guests
  • Push notifications

Features for Faculty/Staff

  • Class schedule
  • Advisee list
  • Advisee details
  • Classroom locations and Map
  • Push notifications

And More!

Everyone can use the UW-Platteville app to access the University's course catalog, class search, news, calendars, maps, parking information, phonebook, Desire2Learn, technical support, and more.

Questions? Comments? Need help? Contact the help desk.

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Quick Facts

Current Version: 1.0

Android Release Date: 8/5/2014

iOS Release Date: 8/14/2014

OS Requirements: iOS 7 or Android 4.1 or higher

Device Requirements: Some older devices may not be supported even when operating system requirement is met.

Previous Versions: If you downloaded a previous UW-Platteville mobile app prior to August 1, 2014, please remove that app from your device and install the new official UW-Platteville mobile app. All previous UW-Platteville mobile apps were removed from the App Store and Google Play on 7/30/2014.