Your UW-Platteville NetID and password provide authenticated access to a variety of systems and resources including:

Since these systems contain your personally identifiable information, it is important to never share your NetID and password with anyone.

Account Creation and Removal

Student accounts

Student accounts are automatically created and deleted.

All campus student accounts are tied to the PASS student information system. New accounts for new students are created when your admission records have been processed prior to registration. If you have not registered for classes prior to ten days after classes start, the account provisioned for you may be disabled.

Student accounts remain active for approximately 10 months after the last semester a student attended classes. To prevent losing access to your information when you leave/graduate you must make appropriate plans beforehand to make a personal backup of your data and direct others to a new e-mail address. Student accounts will be deleted after they have been disabled for 18 months.

Account provisioning for students

Faculty and Staff accounts

Faculty and staff accounts are automatically created and deleted.

Faculty and staff accounts are tied to the HRS personnel database. New accounts are created when made active in the personnel database (up to 60 days before the employee's start date). Accounts will be disabled 60 days after the employee's last day of employment. Faculty and staff accounts will be deleted after they have been disabled for 18 months.

Access to many services is granted through role assignment. These assignments are not automatic. The employee's supervisor must make these requests through the normal support channels.

Emeriti accounts

Emeriti may request to have a UW-Platteville guest account. Accounts are not automatically provided or retained and accounts that are not accessed regularly may be deleted.

Temporary Group Accounts

Camps or other ad hoc groups visiting campus may request a temporary group account to use IT resources such as lab machines and printers.

Changing your NetID (username)

Once created, your NetID is yours for life. So, if you return to UW-Platteville as a student or employee, you will use the same NetID. Valid reasons for requesting a NetID change include a change in marital status and other forms of legal name change. Although NetID changes require that your legal name is updated in PASS, a change within PASS does not trigger a NetID change request. You must submit a NetID Change Request.

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