TSS Project Updates

September 12, 2013

On August 14 the Technology Support Services Project leadership team presented its recommendations  for a new service model to the executive steering committee for feedback.  Recommendations include:

  • A consolidated staff that includes all help desk and support staff in one organization with liaisons and specialist roles for areas with special needs.  This requires the creation of new roles and a shift in some responsibilities.
  • A centralized location utilizing a single tracking tool for operations and reporting.  Proposed site: Karrmann Library
  • Combined policies and procedures, published in a standard format that includes exceptions. Manage and measure operational effectiveness with one set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can also address specific needs.
  • Implement tools and processes for assessment, i.e. Footprints random survey feedback, 360-degree feedback surveys, self-assessment reports, and statistical data from Footprints and other systems

The TSS leadership team will present their revised recommendations at the next steering committee meeting on September 17.  The finalized recommendations will be presented to senior leadership in October.  Target date to begin implementation of these changes is January 2014. 


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