True or False? SPAM filter isn't working!

March 21, 2013

“The SPAM filter must not be working because I am still getting junk & phishing e-mail.”


All messages sent to a address are inspected by two independent systems before delivery to your Inbox is allowed.  At the first stop, messages are evaluated for viruses, other malware and suspicious content and given a score on a scale of -10 to +10; -10 = very bad, +10 = very good. Nearly 70% of all messages sent to accounts are deemed so bad that they are thrown away. The remaining 30% are either sent to Quarantine or sent to Zimbra for additional processing.

Messages that score high enough to move on are assessed again by Zimbra.  Messages with viruses are immediately dropped.  Messages from senders identified as Spam by you or Zimbra users are delivered to your Junk folder. For the occasional SPAM message that does make it to your Inbox, you have the ability to mark the message as SPAM by selecting the message and selecting “Mark as SPAM” from the task bar.  If enough users mark messages from a certain address as SPAM, Zimbra will come to recognize the address and route future messages to your Junk folder.

When you receive notice that a message has been quarantined, you may opt to release the individual message to your Zimbra account if you trust the source.  You may also add trusted addresses or domains to your “allowed” list so that future messages are not detained in Quarantine.  In addition, you can add trusted addresses to your Zimbra account (or block unwanted addresses) in Preferences > Mail > scroll to Spam mail options and enter addresses in the appropriate fields.  Note: Zimbra and Quarantine are separate entities.  You must enter allowed and blocked addresses to each system separately to ensure your wishes are met. 

OIT SPAM filters by the numbers for February 2013

# of messages stopped at first portal: over 3.5 million (or 350 per campus Zimbra account not delivered)

# of messages stopped as invalid recipients, i.e. closed accounts: 139, 227

# of messages stopped at second portal: 167, 792

Total # of threat messages stopped: 3,816,383 (76% of all messages attempted)

Total # clean messages delivered: 1,181,037 (23% of all messages attempted)

Total # messages attempted: 4,997,420 (and February is the shortest month of the year!)


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