Systems & Infrastructure update: Printing change

July 24, 2014

As you may remember, there were numerous network printing outages during Fall 2013 - early Spring 2014 caused by a conflict between the print service, Novell iPrint, and accounting software, PaperCut. Efforts to resolve the issue with technical support from both Novell and Papercut were not successful. So, accounting was disabled in Feb 2014, which prevented us from tracking print jobs or charging students who went beyond their allotment. In order to re-enable accounting, the decision was made to replace Novell iPrint with Windows Print service.

We are currently planning to update all academic labs by Fall 2014.  Tracking will resume at beginning of fall term.

Faculty/staff systems will be transitioned by end of September.  Details will be announced later this summer.

Once the Windows printers are installed, the largest notable difference between iPrint and Windows Print will be a slightly different display in the pop-up notifications.  

If you have questions regarding this project, feel free to contact the Help Desk at 608.324.1400 or


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